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When it comes to defending the rights of our clients, we always fight for what we believe is right.  We will go toe to toe with a major health system.  Or a mammoth chemical company.  We are not intimidated by major corporations or well-funded, big-firm lawyers.

And, yes:  We will even take on a revered university to fight against barbaric hazing and sexual assault.

The Freiwald Law Firm is currently representing whistleblower, James Vivenzio, who was viciously hazed while a college freshman pledging the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at Penn State University.  Through his legal counsel, Aaron J. Freiwald, Esquire, Mr. Vivenzio has bravely filed a lawsuit against Kappa Delta Rho and Penn State University.

This case has received nationwide attention, as it brings to the forefront the ugly truths about the hazing culture on college campuses.  Sadly, there are many misguided views of hazing as an accepted “tradition” or rite of passage for many young people joining organizations including fraternities, sororities, sports teams and more at colleges and universities all across our country.  In recent years, however, demands for change are being made to eradicate the hazing culture.  It is long past time to demand change to these unconscionable and dangerous practices.

As James Vivenzio stated, “I am committed as one individual, who has been supported by many others, to bringing about positive and permanent change to eliminate hazing and sexual harassment. Penn State can and must do much more to stop hazing and sexual harassment and should commit to lead by example.”

If your child has been seriously injured because of hazing or sexual assault on campus, or has a question about any other type of potential legal claim, please contact Freiwald Law to speak confidentially with a member of our Legal Team.


06-08-2015 Press Conference


06-08-2015 Press Conference








Aaron J. Freiwald and Laura Nowicki have been fighting for their clients collectively for over two decades.


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If you have any information about hazing and want to speak confidentially to a member of our Legal Team, please call or email. Additionally, if you have resources or information that you believe would be helpful to others reading this website, please submit them for consideration.