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James Vivenzio

James Vivenzio

Three out of five college students are subjected to hazing and sexual assault.  Excessive alcohol consumption, humiliation, isolation, sleep deprivation and sexual violence are increasingly common features of fraternity and sorority hazing “rituals.”  With the ability to post and publicize photos to the internet with the click of a button, the potential for causing lasting psychological damage, as well as devastating physical harm, is greater now than ever before.

Together, let’s speak out against hazing and sexual assault and call for colleges and universities to devote real effort and real resources to stopping this violent and demeaning behavior. Add your voice to this online petition and demonstrate support for this important and positive change. (When you sign this petition, you may indicate your first name, age, fraternity, sorority, sports team, club or organization affiliation and home state.)

Through EndHazingNow, we will gather signatures and then send this Petition to every college and university president in the United States, asking that they:

  1. Commit to ending hazing and sexual violence on college campuses.

  2. Establish an independent, truly confidential hotline so that incidents of hazing and sexual violence can be reported to university officials and law enforcement.

  3. Commit meaningful annual resources for mandatory anti-hazing and anti-sexual violence training and awareness programs on campus.

Please share this Petition with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media so we can get as many supporters as possible for this important initiative. If you send us a photo of yourself (or you and your friends) holding a sign with the hashtag #EndHazingNow, we will post that photo on our website, Feel free to include the name of your fraternity, sorority, sports team, club or organization in the photo.

Also, please visit the websites of these hazing prevention advocacy groups to learn more about the important work they are doing to end hazing and sexual violence on campuses across this country. and


EndHazingNow! also supports the extraordinary efforts of the “THESE HANDS DON’T HAZE” movement!  Please join us by adding your photograph with the hashtag #endhazingnow! to the largest hazing prevention mosaic and be part of the thousands of men and women sharing their stories.

These Hands Don’t Haze




HPO-NHPW-Logo-Production-2015-04-14-A(tr) copyNational_Haze_Mine_Logo-e1411224072821-300x158 For more information and resources related to planning NHPW activities in your area please go to HazingPrevention.Org’s website.  And, watch These Hands Don’t Haze on YouTube!

And visit to End Hazing and Sexual Violence At All Colleges and Universities.


Latest Signatures
329Meghan M.Nov 06, 2015
328Rachel C.Delta Delta Delta Eta Chapter UVMOct 27, 2015
327Stephanie L.Oct 17, 2015
326Mary A.Delta Gamma Beta XiOct 09, 2015
325Tracy M.Hazing Prevention Speaker - CAMPUSPEAKOct 09, 2015
324Christa A.Sigma KappaOct 04, 2015
323Delores K.Sep 28, 2015
322Haley H.alpha delta piSep 28, 2015
321Allie N.Alpha Delta PiSep 27, 2015
320Cara D.Alpha Delta PiSep 26, 2015
319Nyesha B.Sep 26, 2015
318Riley C.Alpha delta piSep 25, 2015
317Jackie A.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
316Lauren L.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
315Kristy B.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
314Angie V.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
313Emily G.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
312Kristin M.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
311Raven B.alpha Kappa Delta PhiSep 25, 2015
310Abby M.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
309Emily P.alpha Kappa Delta PhiSep 25, 2015
308Danielle R.Alpha delta pi Sep 25, 2015
307James B.VT Corps of Cadets, India CompanySep 25, 2015
306Callie U.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
305Aimee H.alpha Kappa Delta PhiSep 25, 2015
304Ally D.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
303Madeline R.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
302Courtney S.Alpha Delta PiSep 25, 2015
301Janhavi W.alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc.Sep 24, 2015
300Allison V.VT Corps of Cadets, India Company Sep 24, 2015
299Fiona R.VT Corps of CadetsSep 24, 2015
298Kyrie C.Sigma Sigma Sigma Sep 24, 2015
297Ryan P. VT Corps of Cadets, India CompanySep 24, 2015
296Nathan J.VT Corps of Cadets, India CompanySep 24, 2015
295Kirsten W.VT Corps of Cadets, India Company Sep 24, 2015
294Kathryn T.VT Corps of Cadets, India CompanySep 24, 2015
293Jennifer M.alpha Kappa Delta PhiSep 24, 2015
292Matthew K.VT Corp of Cadets, India CompanySep 24, 2015
291Chris C.Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, India CompanySep 24, 2015
290Alexa G.alpha Kappa Delta PhiSep 24, 2015
289Olivia M.Alpha Delta PiSep 24, 2015
288Tiffanny A.sigma sigma sigma Sep 24, 2015
287Maria P.Alpha Chi OmegaSep 24, 2015
286Keronhica D.Sigma Sigma Sigma Sep 24, 2015
285Isabel H.alpha Kappa Delta PhiSep 24, 2015
284Jessica S.Alpha Delta PiSep 23, 2015
283Baileigh B.Alpha Delta PiSep 23, 2015
282Karen A.Sigma Sigma SigmaSep 23, 2015
281Jasmine W.Alpha Delta PiSep 23, 2015
280Alexis o.alpha delta piSep 23, 2015

Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition

329 signatures

EndHazingNow! Petition


If you have any information about hazing and want to speak confidentially to a member of our Legal Team, please call or email. Additionally, if you have resources or information that you believe would be helpful to others reading this website, please submit them for consideration.