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Exclusive pictures of Police investigation into WKU’s swim team

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By Natalie Martinez

BOWLING GREEN, KY (WAVE) – Western Kentucky University is being sued after a hazing scandal that shut down the school’s swim team.

According to court documents, the lawsuit pertains to violations under Title IX, Educational Amendments, Sex Discrimination.

The demand is $75,000, the court documents show plus punitive damages.

Last January, 18-year-old Collin Craig filed a complaint with WKU alleging hazing, including incidents of sexual assault. Three swim coaches were fired and the university decided to shut down the swim program for five years.

Read more at Wave3 News

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PSU, Frat Seek to Move Hazing Suit to Centre County

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The Legal Intelligencer logo


By, Max Mitchell

Penn State and other defendants in a hazing suit filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas are seeking to transfer the case to Centre County.

The university, along with the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity, was sued in April by James Vivenzio over allegedly allowing extreme hazing practices, including “force-feeding [fraternity pledges] bucketfuls of liquor mixed with urine,” to occur.  Read more at The Legal Intelligencer


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Fresno State suspends Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity for hazing activity

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Fresno State said in a statement that the fraternity has been placed on suspension for two years for conduct violations involving hazing activity and serving alcohol to minors during the spring 2015 semester.  Read more at

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Plaintiff in Penn State Hazing Suit, Lawyers Tour Frat House

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AP logoA former Penn State student who is suing over alleged hazing toured his former fraternity house with his parents and lawyers for the involved parties.

James Vivenzio’s attorney, Aaron Freiwald, said Wednesday’s tour was a chance to find evidence and take video. Kappa Delta Rho, which owns the property, has been suspended by the university and a different fraternity was set to take over the property this weekend.

“We’re trying to do what we have to do here to document James’ legal claim,” Freiwald said.

Penn State officials didn’t comment on the tour, referring reporters to a statement issued when Vivenzio sued in June.

Among other things, the statement said Penn State “strongly disputes” the allegations and offered “extraordinary assistance to Vivenzio by sending an investigator to his home after he left school. The school said Vivenzio and his family weren’t willing to “file a complaint, provide documentation, speak with State College police or participate in pursuing the formal disciplinary process.”  For the full story go to ABC News

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Plaintiff in Penn State hazing suit, lawyers tour frat house

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — A former Penn State student who is suing over alleged hazing toured his former fraternity house with his parents and lawyers for the involved parties.

James Vivenzio’s attorney, Aaron Freiwald, says the tour was a last-ditch chance to find evidence in the case. That’s because Kappa Delta Rho, which owns the property, has been suspended and a different fraternity takes over the property this weekend.

Penn State officials didn’t comment, referring reporters to a statement issued when Vivenzio sued in June that says the school “strongly disputes” the allegations.

Vivenzio contends he was burned with cigarettes and force-fed buckets of liquor mixed with urine, vomit and hot sauce in hazing rituals.

He also blew the whistle on a covert Facebook page on which frat members posted pictures of nude and semi-nude women.  Read more at SFGate

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Penn State hazing whistleblower to tour KDR fraternity house

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By, Dan Norton,

A Penn State fraternity hazing whistleblower will tour his old fraternity home, Kappa Delta Rho, on Wednesday at noon near the school’s main University Park campus.

James Vivienzo, the plaintiff, will recount details where the alleged hazing took place while the testimony and walkthrough are recorded on video.

Vivienzo’s attorney, Aaron J. Freiwald of Layser and Freiwald, will be present alongside a defense attorney from Dilworth Paxson, which represents Kappa Delta Rho’s national chapter. The tour will be limited to the basement and first-floor common rooms, and the media will not be allowed to cover the inspection.

Read the complete story at the Philadelphia Business Journal

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James Vivenzio leads videotaped inspection of former Kappa Delta Rho house

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Mark Marino | The Daily Collegian

After completing a videotaped walk-through of the former Kappa Delta Rho fraternity house, James Vivenzio walked across the lawn of his former fraternity “pretty sad,” after describing to camera crews for the past hour events that took place in what his lawyer referred to as a “house of horrors.”

An inspection of the fraternity house was set for Wednesday, Vivenzio’s attorney Aaron Freiwald said, to preserve evidence of where Vivenzio alleges his hazing occurred.  Read more at The Daily Collegian

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Inspection of KDR House for civil lawsuit

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6 WJACBy: Erin Calandra

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — An inspection of the Kappa Delta Rho house occurred Wednesday afternoon.

The inspection came after the fraternity was accused of hazing and taking photos of partially nude women and posting them on a private Facebook page.

The attorney for whistleblower James Vivenzio wanted to get inside the house and videotape what little evidence may be left.  Read the complete story at 6 WJAC News


Watch Full Story Here

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Former Student Speaks out About Hazing at Penn State

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UNIVERSITY PARK — The man who blew the whistle on a Penn State fraternity involved in a sexual misconduct scandal toured his old fraternity today. To recount details of where he says he went through a brutal hazing. He is suing Penn State for not stepping in after he complained about physical and psychological abuse.

“Some have referred to this as a house of horrors. After seeing it, it really strikes you that this was a house of terror,” said attorney, Aaron FreiwaldRead more at 16 WNEP
August 26, 2015 – Former Student Speaks out About Hazing at Penn State

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Kappa Delta Rho Whistleblower Inspects Frat House for Lawsuit, Calls for Betterment of Greek Organizations

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By on August 26, 2015

StateCollege image 1

James Vivenzio, Aaron Freiwald, and Mr. and Mrs. Vivenzio

As James Vivenzio stood outside the former Kappa Delta Rho house with his attorney on Wednesday, a rusted golden car driving down East Prospect Avenue slowed to a crawl.

The driver – a young man with the steering wheel in one hand and a red solo cup in the other – watched for a moment as Vivenzio spoke to his lawyers and a camera crew documenting where Vivezio was allegedly hazed as a KDR pledge in the fall of 2014.  Read more at

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