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Sanctioned Greek organizations seek redemption on the road back to campus

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Collegiate Times

For the over 4,000 students who are involved in the more than 50 Virginia Tech-recognized fraternity and sorority chapters, academic achievement can be enriched and social connections can be deepened.

What happens when one of these organizations breaks a rule set by the university or their national headquarters, breaks a law, or just does something distasteful?

As of the 2016 spring semester, three fraternities are currently not recognized by the university while they serve a loss of recognition for violations of the Student Code of Conduct: Delta Kappa Epsilon (lost recognition in 2011), Kappa Sigma (lost recognition in 2015) and Sigma Phi Epsilon (whose organization’s charter was revoked by its national headquarters in 2013 and consequently is not recognized by Virginia Tech). Kappa Delta Rho recently had its recognition status revoked, though this decision is currently being appealed.

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