Conestoga High football players charged in ‘No Gay Thursday’ assault

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Conestoga High football players charged in ‘No Gay Thursday’ assault

By John Kopp
PhillyVoice Staff

Three Conestoga High School football players are facing juvenile charges for allegedly assaulting a freshman teammate during a weekly hazing ritual dubbed “No Gay Thursday.”

Three senior football players, including a team captain, allegedly penetrated another player with a broomstick after he refused to help other underclassmen clean the team locker room while wearing just their underwear, Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan announced Friday.

“The kids knew the locker room was theirs. As anybody who has ever dealt with teenage boys, you know you can’t leave them unsupervised in a group. They are capable of doing sometimes stupid things, sometimes terrible things.” – Thomas Hogan, Chester County DA

The alleged 14-year-old victim, 5-foot-7 and about 160 pounds, was held down by two larger football players – one 6-foot-2, 260 pounds and the other 6-foot-0, 180 pounds – as he attempted to leave the locker room, Hogan said. One of the seniors allegedly ordered another senior to retrieve a broom and shove it up the boy’s rectum.

The senior obliged, Hogan said, and no one came to the victim’s rescue as he screamed in pain. The team’s coaches were not present, Hogan said, noting their offices are located down the hall from the locker room.

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