Forensic Inspection of Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity House Among Several Initial Pre-Trial Filings by Lawyers for Penn State Hazing Victim and Whistleblower

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Forensic Inspection of Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity House Among Several Initial Pre-Trial Filings by Lawyers for Penn State Hazing Victim and Whistleblower

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Download July 8, 2015 Press Release

PHILADELPHIA, PA (July 8, 2015) – Lawyers for Penn State hazing victim and whistleblower James Vivenzio plan to conduct a basement-to-attic inspection of the Kappa Delta Rho Zeta Chapter fraternity house, which has been identified in Mr. Vivenzio’s lawsuit as the site of rampant, illegal, violent hazing activities. According to pre-trial discovery documents served on the defendants by Freiwald Law, P.C., the inspection of the KDR frat house at 420 E. Prospect Ave., State College, will begin at 10 a.m., Thursday, September 10th. The house is near the University Park main campus.

Aaron J. Freiwald, Esq., Mr. Vivenzio’s lead attorney, said the site inspection is an important part of the pre-trial fact-finding process. “We will appropriately and methodically inspect the premises, with Mr. Vivenzio and a forensic team in attendance, to document the various areas in the house where he and other pledges were subjected to cruel and violent hazing.”

In addition to the KDR house inspection, Mr. Freiwald’s firm’s discovery-related filings (which can be obtained at arising out of the Complaint [April Term, 2015 No. 001671 – Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas] included:

  • Scheduling at 10a.m., August 20th the videotaped deposition of Penn State Office of Student Affairs official Daniel Shaha, the University’s Senior Investigator with regards to the KDR-Vivenzio hazing investigation, sexual assaults at KDR, and events leading up to Penn State’s sanctions against the fraternity and the KDR National’s expulsion on June 8 (the same day Mr. Vivenzio’s complaint was filed) of 38 KDR Zeta Chapter members for hazing violations.
  • Requesting from the University numerous hazing investigation-related information and documents, including all records pertaining to the allegedly confidential ‘hazing hotline’ staffing and administration. It is alleged that Mr. Vivenzio’s initial complaint to the hotline – which he believed was confidential – was leaked to the fraternity, jeopardizing his safety.
  • Scheduling at 10 a.m., August 19th, the deposition of an official of Kappa Delta Rho’s national organization, which oversees the operations of all its chapters.
  • Notifying Defendants of the intent to serve subpoenas to the State College Police Department and the Centre County District Attorney’s Office for relevant investigative documents. Mr. Vivenzio went to the local police after it became clear the University was not going to take any action against KDR and he feared for the safety of others, including pledges and women visitors to the house.

Under the Pennsylvania’s rules of practice, Defendants have 30 days to provide documents and materials in response to the various discovery requests.

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