The Daily Collegian – Penn State fraternity presidents gather to talk Kappa Delta Rho investigation

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The Daily Collegian – Penn State fraternity presidents gather to talk Kappa Delta Rho investigation

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By, Meghan Garrity and Natalie Weston

March 22, 2015

Interfraternity Council President Rick Groves said the views of an anonymous Kappa Delta Rho member — who classified the alleged actions of the fraternity as “satirical” in a Philadelphia Magazine interview — do not reflect the views of the entire Penn State greek community.

In a meeting Sunday night with Vice President of Student Affairs Damon Sims, Groves and fraternity chapter presidents discussed the recent allegations against Kappa Delta Rho.

“The overarching theme, it seemed, was everyone’s in agreement that they pretty much condemn this interview in Philly Mag,” Groves said after the meeting.

While suggestions to impose radical change on the greek system were not discussed at the meeting, Groves said this was the first step in starting a conversation between greek organizations, alumni, administrators and other non-greek parties.

Groves would not comment as to whether or not the president of Kappa Delta Rho was present at the meeting. On Friday, Sims, who also chairs the university’s sexual assault task force, said Kappa Delta Rho’s president was invited.

“It was certainly impressive to see leaders of the fraternity community come together with no limitations of who can speak or what can be said,” he said.

This meeting came after a rally was held Friday afternoon, initially organized to support women shown naked and unconscious in photographs on an alleged secret Facebook page created by members of Kappa Delta Rho.

Leaders of the rally, at which more than 100 students gathered at the snow-covered steps of Old Main, demanded the immediate suspension of all Kappa Delta Rho members and the eventual expulsion of those found responsible.

In a press conference Friday after the rally, Sims expressed interest in reviewing Penn State’s greek system.

“If [the greek system] is going to be sustainable, they have to take responsibility for this,” Sims said Friday. “There needs to be a cultural shift from within.”

In a letter released through Penn State News earlier last week, Penn State President Eric Barron also suggested a re-evaluation of the fraternity system.

“No one is ever happy about having such an occurrence,” Barron said in an interview with the Daily Collegian Wednesday. “It is just offensive and unfortunate and inappropriate, and does not in any way shape or form conform to the expectations for our students or student organizations.”

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